Dave created a Rome-based trio, ‘Fall-Out’, with Marco di Gasbarro and Simone MemèFall-Out combine music and video through improvisation, written material and graphic score approaches to create a documentation of our emotional state following an event of significance and intensity, such as a rave, explosion or a brutal ending of a relationship. Fall-Out debuted at Rome's prestigious 'B-folk' and 'Klang' venues and followed this up with a 6 date UK tour in 2019, including Take Over Festival in Bristol, the prestigious Vortex Jazz Club in London and The Tin Arts Centre, Coventry.

Italian and German tours 2020 included Rome’s famous Brancaleone and dates in Essen and Bremen.

More information on Fall-Out can be found here or on their Facebook page, videos can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Story of You/Le Storie Siete Voi

The Story of You/Le Storie Siete Voi is a creative project devised by Morecroft and Fall-Out that was born in the town of Castiglione in Teverina in 2021. The trio lived in residence in the town for a week, collecting video footage, stories, hopes, dreams and reflections of the town's residents, before compiling these together in an audio-visual performance.

More information through this link.

Contributing musicians: Simone Memè and Marco di Gasbarro

Part IV