Dave’s longstanding quartet material has spanned 3 phases, 2 countries and several world class musicians since 2010.

Louie Palmer (LA), Conor Chaplin (London), Giulio Scarpato (Rome) and many others have passed through koma’s ‘doors’ until now including dates at The Vortex (London), Riverside Festival (Leicester), B-folk (Rome), Clandestino (Faenza) and Café 1001 (London) over the years.

koma; three elements from ‘Roma’ and one alien presence... born from the brain of Morecroft, heavy rock grooves combine with provocative melodic themes and improv, keeping its feet firmly in the styles of Latin, jazz and funk.

Through 2021/22 the quartet has played across Italy in Lazio, Puglia and Campania, premiering many new compositions by Morecroft.

Current line up:

Danilo Raponi - sax
Dave Morecroft - keys
Gianluca Bonetti - bass
Diego Carrubba Forte - drums

Contributing Artists on Recording: Jamie Harris, Conor Chaplin, Louie Palmer

Tale Of The Underdog

Captain Corrigan

Contributing Artists on Recording: Carlo Conti, Giulio Scarpato and Marco di Gasbarro

Delusions of Grandeur