FUUG - a new live electronic project that transports audience members through a ritualistic atmosphere to a parallel universe. Born from the ashes of the COVID pandemic, FUUG toured Italia through 2021/22 in six different regions including renowned venues EXSnia (Roma), Corte dei Miracoli (Siena), Scarlatti Cafe and New Magazine Pub (Puglia) and Manhattan (Vitulazio) as well as venues across Abruzzo, Marche and Veneto. Alongside Dave are two esteemed Roman musicians Robert Cippitelli (Juggernaut/Malclango) and Emanuele Tomasi (Nohaybanda, KNUP trio).

Collaborating on their first release with Lorenzo Amato and Cinque Quarti Studio rendered a three-track EP available on bandcamp.

In 2022 FUUG also collaborated with Alterazione Generica to produce a psych video of epic proportions.