As a freelance musician, Morecroft has done sessions for BBC Radio 2 and 4, performed in various lineups at festivals and venues across the UK and performed a solo piano slot supporting Robert Mitchell at The Forge Camden for the London Jazz Festival in 2011, and then for the BBC World Service 'Any Questions' programme in 2022, exploring the relationship between 20th Century classical repertoire and improvisation, such as Messiaen, Shostakovich and Lutowslowski. His work as a pianist has also seen him hold solo residencies at Pizza Express, and work with various commercial, function and party bands. This includes working with Italian singers such as Giordana Piedimorsi and Bettah Ferrari in duo context, jazz trios based in Taunton and New Delhi (see below videos) and recent clients have included performing for the British Ambassador in Rome, Italy.


Contributing Artists: Leafcutter John


Contributing Artists: Lorenzo Tarducci, Conor Chaplin, Tommaso Moretti

Bulldog Drummond

Contributing musicians: Marco di Gasbarro


Composer: Jonathan Sims

Composer: Tommaso Moretti

Contributing Artists: Lorenzo Tarducci, Conor Chaplin, Tommaso Moretti


Composer: Ay!

Contributing Artists: Daniele Martini, Fabiano Marcucci, Marco di Gasbarro

Mientras La Teirra Gira

Composer: Malamadre

Contributing artists: Nathalie Brorsson: Vocals, Oscar Zubelzu : Vocals & Guitar, Cheto Mayen: Drums & Percussion, Julien Fabre: Guitars & Mandolin, Benoit Rapetti : Double bass, Laszlo Bozsodi: Violin

In the Wake of Dawn