"With Morecroft driving proceedings from behind his keyboards, deploying a special effect here, wailing his voice like an instrument there, and with guest guitarist (and album producer) Chris Sharkey firing thrash-jazz riffs from his pale-blue Fender Mustang, this was a gig that grabbed you by the scruff and didn’t let go"
Jane Cornwell, The Evening Standard
"Morecroft is as ever the moustache-twiddling ringmaster of his own carefully conceived flea circus"
Stephen Graham, Marlbank
The eight tracks are all Morecroft’s compositional oeuvre (seems a fair enough word given the arch circumstances), all distressed synths mauled and disturbingly caressed, poor kittens in his callous Django Bates-like disregard for standing on ceremony.
Stephen Graham, Marlbank
"Dave Morecroft, leader of World Service Project, has always been seen in British punk jazz scene as an enlightened genius of modern jazz."
Viola de Soto, Debaser (Italy)
"Pianist Dave Morecroft leads this distorted quintet with a missionary zeal and...there is a playful aesthetic at work here that oscillates between the conventions of formal composition and outright grunginess."
12 Points Festival (Portugal)
"Following in the tradition of such renegade composers as Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus, Igor Stravinsky and Harrison Bertwhistle, Dave Morecroft seeks a spot in the musical firmament that is decidedly left of center. And as keyboardist and principal composer for the edgy London-based avant-funk-jazz quintet WorldService Project, he is striking a blow upside the head of musical complacency"
RareNoise Records
"Dave both an engaging spokesperson and a skilled pianist/composer, and it is his intriguing funk tunes...that immediately impress for their sheer multi-textured originality."
Nottingham Contemporary
“…Morecroft is the group’s driving force and jewel in the crown. He attacks his Nord keyboard in the manner of a young Django Bates delivering scorching synth and electric piano solos that challenge the rest of the band to keep up- and , like the young Bates, Morecroft is already an astonishingly mature composer with ideas to burn."
Ian Mann, thejazzmann



As one of the most respected web radios in the Italian scene, Dave collaborated with RCA in 2021 with his weekly show under the name of ‘Match&Fuse’ Each week saw a journey of musical discovery from 22:00 - 00:00 on a Monday evening with Dave's unparalleled knowledge of the European and experimental music scenes for new Italian audiences.

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